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4 unexpected lion stories4 unexpected lion stories

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

Richard Turere, 13, grew up hating lions. In Nairobi National Park, where he lives, lions roam freely and often targeted his family’s livestock at night. And yet Turere also hated the only solution his community had come up with to stop lion attacks on cows — killing the majestic creatures. “I had to find a […]


A 12 year old learns to scare lions: Richard Turere at TED2013A 12 year old learns to scare lions: Richard Turere at TED2013

Posted By Ben Lillie

Richard Turere is 12 years old, and he lives in Kenya, in Nairobi National Park. It’s a park with lots of animals that roam freely, including lions. The lions kill livestock. So he say, “I grew up hating lions.” Turere, who took part in the Global Talent Search last year, tried to solve the problem. […]


The Spark: Speakers in Session 3 at TED2013The Spark: Speakers in Session 3 at TED2013

Posted By Helen Walters

An indefinable quality lies at the heart of any successful idea or project … a spark of intuition, genius or insight that acts as the driver of all later action. Our speakers in this session all possess such a spark, from the educator who’s made it his mission to help high-achieving minority students to a […]