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WorldWide Telescope TEDTalk — now on TED.com!

Posted By Tedstaff

Science educator Roy Gould and Microsoft’s Curtis Wong give an astonishing sneak preview of Microsoft’s new WorldWide Telescope – a technology that combines feeds from satellites and telescopes all over the world and the heavens, and builds a comprehensive view of our universe. (Yes, it’s the technology that made Robert Scoble cry.) Download this TEDTalk […]


WorldWide Telescope technology preview at TED

Posted By Tedstaff

On stage at TED2008, Roy Gould and Curtis Wong just presented a preview of the Microsoft technology that made Robert Scoble cry: the WorldWide Telescope, a powerful and collaborative way to view our universe. Look for more on this in coming days; blogger reaction starts now. Today, Microsoft opened its technology preview site at WorldWideTelescope.org, […]