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Sally Kohn’s talk, the “clean” versionSally Kohn’s talk, the “clean” version

Posted By Morton Bast

Sally Kohn had a point to make in her TED Talk. During her career as a progressive lesbian talking head at Fox News, she’d get letters from people who really, really didn’t like what she said, or objected to her very existence. To make this attitude crystal-clear, onstage at TED@NYC Kohn read out the kind […]


Sally Kohn talks leaving Fox NewsSally Kohn talks leaving Fox News

Posted By Elizabeth Jacobs

In today’s talk, pundit Sally Kohn shares what it’s like to be progressive, gay and … working for Fox News. The key: emotional correctness, when people look past their political differences and try to understand what the other is thinking on a human level. It’s a vision so powerful that her hometown of Allentown, Pennsylvania, […]