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Let’s fix science education: A Q&A with “Save Our Science” author Ainissa RamirezLet’s fix science education: A Q&A with “Save Our Science” author Ainissa Ramirez

Posted By Rachel Lehmann-Haupt

How is it that science classes have become about memorization and filling in the right circle on a Scantron sheet, rather than about doing hands-on experiments and activities that reveal the wonder of the world around us? It’s a problem that Tyler DeWitt tackled in yesterday’s talk, “Hey science teachers — make it fun.” And […]


New TED Book: Save Our ScienceNew TED Book: Save Our Science

Posted By Jim Daly

It is not nearly enough for students to simply churn out answers from memory. No, in our ever-changing time, they need to be able to think expansively and creatively. In order to solve the complex problems of tomorrow, the traditional academic skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic must be replaced with creativity, curiosity, critical thinking […]