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A very cool new video: A brief introduction to 4D printingA very cool new video: A brief introduction to 4D printing

Posted By Tedstaff

It’s not often that you see a designer throw their creation on the ground and break it to smithereens. But that’s exactly what TED Fellow Skylar Tibbits does in the video above. Why? Because he works in the Self-Assembly Lab at MIT. When the pieces break apart, they quickly re-assemble themselves, as if the film […]


The future unfolding: Fellows Friday with Skylar TibbitsThe future unfolding: Fellows Friday with Skylar Tibbits

Posted By Karen Eng

Skylar Tibbits makes things that assemble themselves, with potential large-scale applications from self-adjusting water pipes to self-assembling structures in space. At his recently founded Self-Assembly Lab at MIT, he’s pioneering 4D printing — using smart materials to make objects that change shape and evolve. Here, he explains how 4D printing works, and describes his journey from architect […]


See self-assembly and 4D printing in actionSee self-assembly and 4D printing in action

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

A part on the outside of a spaceship that morphs, rather than requiring an astronaut to perform a risky maneuver. Plumbing pipes able to bend and flex based on the needs of the water flowing through them. Furniture that assembles itself, no screwdriver required. Buildings with the ability to repair themselves when something goes awry. […]