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Remembering Sherwin NulandRemembering Sherwin Nuland

Posted By Emily McManus

Surgeon, author and speaker Sherwin Nuland died on March 3, 2014, at age 83. The author of a dozen books — including the award-winning How We Die, a clear-eyed look at life’s last chapter — Nuland came to TED in 2001 to tell a story he’d never told before. The world-renowned surgeon, clinical professor of […]


The anatomy of a turning point, on TED Radio HourThe anatomy of a turning point, on TED Radio Hour

Posted By Nia Ashley

Your life’s turning point — whether it happens in an instant or is the culmination of gradual change — could occur tomorrow. Would you be ready for it? How would you reconcile your former self with the person you’ve become? In this week’s TED Radio Hour, we hear from TED speakers forever changed by major and […]


The first TED Talk that made our content director cryThe first TED Talk that made our content director cry

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

What’s the first TED Talk that made director of content Kelly Stoetzel cry? In a new interview on the website Womenetics, Stoetzel reveals the first TED speaker who got her choked up — surgeon Sherwin Nuland, who spoke at TED2001. “[Nuland] made himself really vulnerable on the stage. He talked about something that his colleagues […]


Meet Shlomo Adam, TED volunteer translator

Posted By Matthew Trost

Since the TED Open Translation Project launched in May of 2009, more than 1,200 translators have joined the effort to make TEDTalks available in non-English languages. One of the very first translators to join the project was Shlomo Adam. Shlomo joined the project before it went public, and contributed both translations and feedback on the […]