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Building the 9/11 Memorial Museum: Reflections as opening day approachesBuilding the 9/11 Memorial Museum: Reflections as opening day approaches

Posted By TED Guest Author

In today’s moving TED Talk, Jake Barton of the design firm Local Projects shares the idea at the core of the yet-to-open National September 11 Memorial Museum: that museum-goers need to be included in the telling of the story. “The event is so recent, somewhere between history and current events,” says Barton, explaining that more […]


A hunger to understand the stories of 9/11: Steve Rosenbaum reflects

Posted By Emily McManus

Last year at TED, Steve Rosenbaum shared this look inside the yet-to-open 9/11 Museum, filled with artifacts and stories from the people in the Twin Towers — the tower workers, the rescue teams, steelworkers, first responders, clean-up crews. The museum will be a powerful way to tell the stories from the attacks, and answer questions […]