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A leap from the edge of space: Steve Truglia on TED.com

Posted By Emily McManus

At his day job, Steve Truglia flips cars, walks through fire and falls out of buildings — pushing technology to make stunts bigger, safer, more awesome. He talks us through his next stunt: the highest jump ever attempted, from the very edge of space. (Recorded at TEDGlobal 2009, July 2009 in Oxford, England. Duration: 14:36) […]


Twitter Snapshot: Steve Truglia wants to jump from space

Posted By TED Guest Author

Stuntman Steve Truglia plans to jump to earth from the edge of space. His talk at TEDGlobal 2009 included the facts that he’ll be falling at the speed of sound while clad in a customized spacesuit. Be sure to follow Steve on Twitter and check out what viewers of the online feed had to say […]


Steve Truglia at TEDGlobal 2009: Running notes from Session 2

Posted By Shanna Carpenter

Before we even see Steve Truglia on stage, we’re treated to an action-packed video of his stunts for movie and television, as well as his personal record-breaking, daredevil stunts. There are explosions, car crashes and high falls out of buildings. Truglia is being set on fire, fencing, driving a car through a loop de loop, […]