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The future unfolding: Fellows Friday with Skylar TibbitsThe future unfolding: Fellows Friday with Skylar Tibbits

Posted By Karen Eng

Skylar Tibbits makes things that assemble themselves, with potential large-scale applications from self-adjusting water pipes to self-assembling structures in space. At his recently founded Self-Assembly Lab at MIT, he’s pioneering 4D printing — using smart materials to make objects that change shape and evolve. Here, he explains how 4D printing works, and describes his journey from architect […]


Beirut, I love you: Fellows Friday with Zena el KhalilBeirut, I love you: Fellows Friday with Zena el Khalil

Posted By Karen Eng

With her outrageously pink and glittery mixed-media installation pieces and paintings, artist, writer and activist Zena el Khalil takes aim at violence, injustice, and gender and religious stereotypes. Her weapons of choice: pop culture, humor and love. You express yourself through nearly every artistic medium – painting, performance, writing, film. What drives you to make […]


Exclusive: Q&A with TED Fellow Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, candidate for president of Nigeria

Posted By Tedstaff

TEDGlobal 2009 Fellow Mallam Nuhu Ribadu has announced his candidacy for president of Nigeria. In his first North American interview since the announcement, the anti-corruption activist spoke with TED’s Emeka Okafor, keeper of the seminal Africa blog Timbuktu Chronicles. There is a tremendous amount of interest in your run for presidency. What would you attribute […]