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Sonic insanity: 10 TED videos all about beatboxing

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

Today’s incredible talk contains insane beats, bizarre sound effects, voiceovers in the style of multiple eras and instruments like the didgeridoo, sitar, trumpet and double bass. And yet, only one person is on the stage. As beatboxer Tom Thum puts it in this talk from TEDxSydney, “All the sounds you just heard were made entirely […]


TEDxSydney sets up at the Opera House: A timelapseTEDxSydney sets up at the Opera House: A timelapse

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

On May 4, a TEDx event took place in one of the most architecturally recognizable sites in the world — the Sydney Opera House. Here, with the help of The MilkBar, the organizers of TEDxSydney captured the event from dawn to dusk and compressed it all into 78 seconds. Watch above as the sun rises […]


TED Talent Search: Reports from TED@Sydney …

Posted By Larissa Green

As the TED team travels around the world hosting salons in 14 cities, we’re collecting great local stories. Here’s a quick report from TED@Sydney, held May 27, 2012, at Carriageworks, and hosted locally by TEDxSydney organizers. Start with this abundant photo set from Jean-Jacques Halans on Flickr to relive and relish some of the Australian […]