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TEDxYouthDay, streaming liveTEDxYouthDay, streaming live

Posted By Hailey Reissman

TEDxYouthDay starts now! Today and tomorrow 100 TEDx events will participate in TEDxYouthDay, TEDx’s initiative to inspire curiosity, ignite new ideas, and empower leaders in the youth of today. Youth events will go on in 42 countries — including Egypt, Spain, India, Hong Kong, Brazil, Taiwan and the United State. You can also follow live updates on […]


6 talks on making electronics fun6 talks on making electronics fun

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

“I make paper interactive,” says Kate Stone in today’s talk, given at TED2013. Because this description of her work “really confuses most people,” the best way to understand it is to see it in action. So in this talk, Stone demonstrates some of her very cool creations — like a poster that can pick the […]


TEDxYouthDay teens answer the question: What’s a dream you commit to making real?TEDxYouthDay teens answer the question: What’s a dream you commit to making real?

Posted By Hailey Reissman

At TED, we’re constantly impressed by the accomplishments of young innovators. With talks like Adora Svitak’s “What adults can learn from kids,” 12-year-old Amy O’Toole assisting Beau Lotto in “Science is for everyone: kids included,” and Thomas Suarez, who was developing apps before he could drive, we can’t help but be hopeful for the future. That […]


Join TED Conversations about youth

Posted By Tedstaff

As we approach TEDxYouthDay alongside our very first TEDYouth event, we’re curious to hear what you have to say about all things youth-related. Each week until the last day of TEDxYouthDay, a youth-related question will be asked on TED Conversations. We invite you to sign up or log-in using your TED.com account and jump in […]


Get Ready for TEDxYouthDay 2011!

Posted By Tedstaff

TEDxYouthDay is a series of TEDx events designed to empower and inspire youth and kids across the globe! TEDxYouthDay will take place all over the world from Saturday, November 19th through Monday, November 21, 2011 — all around Universal Children’s Day. For 3 days, TEDx organizers across the globe will host events for (and by) […]


TEDxYouthDay is on!

Posted By Emily McManus

TEDxYouthDay events have begun around the world! Watch the TEDxYouthDay Livestream — or sign up for a Meetup Everywhere to watch the stream. Many events on Nov. 20, including TEDxYouth@Tokyo, TEDxYouth@HongKong, TEDxYouth@Singapore and TEDxYouth@NASA, will be collaborating through the livestream to do shout-outs and program sharing to other TEDxYouthDay events. Plus! Jim Stolze from TEDxAmsterdam […]