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Join a conversation: How can we build our cities on a foundation of social justice?

Posted By Tedstaff

Over on TED Conversations, we’re exploring a question from George McCarthy of the Ford Foundation. He asks: “How can we build cities that are sustainable, inclusive and truly just?” He writes: The fact is more than half the world’s people now call cities home. All of the world’s population growth over the next four decades—some […]


Watch Session 7 of TED2012 — freeWatch Session 7 of TED2012 — free

Posted By Emily McManus

On Wednesday night, join the world to watch Session 7 of TED2012 for free. In Session 7, the TED Prize wish for this year’s winner, The City 2.0, will be revealed onstage, and you’ll hear great speakers on the subject of cities … updates from past TED Prize winners, including last year’s winner, JR … […]