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Live from TEDGlobal 2013

Timelapse: Building an arena for flying robotsTimelapse: Building an arena for flying robots

Posted By Emily McManus

Our photographer Duncan Davidson loves to shoot time-lapses; before every TED, you can find him behind the scenes hiding cameras to snap away for hours and days. In his latest piece, he tracks the construction of a custom robot arena for Raffaello D’Andrea, whose TED Talk was posted just last night. The TED Blog asked […]


14 people who’ve time-lapsed their lives, filming one second a day14 people who’ve time-lapsed their lives, filming one second a day

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

As he approached his 30th birthday, artist Cesar Kuriyama noticed that time seemed to be evaporating. And thus, he began work on a project called 1 Second Everyday. “Basically, I’m recording one second of every day of my life for the rest of my life—chronologically compiling these one-second, tiny slices of my life into one […]


Six great moments in time-lapse photographySix great moments in time-lapse photography

Posted By Jessica Gross

Years ago, Steven Addis’s wife photographed him holding their 1-year-old daughter on the corner of 57 Street and Fifth Avenue in New York City. On her second birthday, the family happened to be back in the city, so headed to the same corner for daddy-daughter photo, round two. The next year, Addis brought his daughter back […]