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Internet access is a basic human right: A Q&A with Keren ElazariInternet access is a basic human right: A Q&A with Keren Elazari

Posted By Nadia Goodman

Two weeks ago, hours after Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan vowed to “wipe out” Twitter, his government blocked access to the platform across the country. It was just weeks before a hotly contended election, and Erdoğan was upset about tweets accusing him of corruption. A judicial ruling in Turkey called for Twitter to take […]


This girl hacker is beating all the boys: a Q&A with Jennie LamereThis girl hacker is beating all the boys: a Q&A with Jennie Lamere

Posted By Alison Prato

If you’ve ever had the ending of your favorite TV show ruined by a spoiler-filled tweet, Jennie Lamere feels your pain. The 18-year-old tech whiz won the grand prize at Boston’s TVNext Hack event in April for inventing Twivo, a clever app that blocks all mentions of a show you’re waiting to watch until you’re […]


The 61 TEDGlobal 2013 speakers who tweet

Posted By Shirin Samimi-Moore

TEDGlobal 2013, themed “Think Again,” takes place June 10-14, which may be too long to wait. So until then, we’ve compiled a list of conference speakers who tweet — an amazing 61 of them. Start following these bold thinkers now — individually or in a single click — so you can get to know them […]


The TED Global lineup, as tweeted by youThe TED Global lineup, as tweeted by you

Posted By Shirin Samimi-Moore

A monk, a “gentleman thief ” and a drones ecologist. These are just a few of the speakers who’ll be at TEDGlobal 2013, themed “Think Again.” Since revealing the speaker lineup yesterday, we’ve noticed a multitude of tweets flooding in. Excitement certainly seems to be brewing. Below, some of the most fascinating tweets — from speakers and […]


#SugataMitra is trending: Twitter reacts to the 2013 TED Prize reveal#SugataMitra is trending: Twitter reacts to the 2013 TED Prize reveal

Posted By Jamia Wilson

Following a rousing introduction from Sir Ken Robinson, education innovator Sugata Mitra accepted the first-ever $1 million TED Prize at TED2013. As soon as the TED Prize winner’s identity was revealed, the Twittersphere buzzed about Sugata’s vision for the future of learning. People around the world answered Sugata’s invitation to help reinvent the way kids […]


A taxonomy of TED on TwitterA taxonomy of TED on Twitter

Posted By Thu-Huong Ha

Sharing is caring, and here at TED we do a lot of both — especially on social media. You can like our Facebook page, catch us on Instagram and follow us on 19 active Twitter handles. That’s a lot, we know, but sometimes good sharing means not oversharing. In other words, we want to make sure you get the information […]


What talks have resonated most with you? Tweet TED’s billionth video viewWhat talks have resonated most with you? Tweet TED’s billionth video view

Posted By Tedstaff

One billion. That’s a thousand millions. In other words, the number of seconds contained in 31 and a half years. The population of the continent of Africa, as of 2011. The number of inches that would stretch halfway across the Earth. And the number of users of Facebook hit in October. Our curator Chris Anderson says […]


Twitter Snapshot: RT @Twitter "tweeting the Twitter"

Posted By Shanna Carpenter

Today, Twitter co-founder Evan Williams’ talk from TED2009 was posted and we all began to tweet, creating a labyrinth of self-reference. Here are a few choice selections from the day’s activity: Twitter State of the Union, courtesy of TED.com. Definitely an idea worth spreading. — tapdraw Watching @ev present at TED on video about Twitter […]


How to talk while people are Twittering

Posted By Emily McManus

Three weeks ago, while Evan Williams was onstage at TED2009 talking about Twitter, his audience became an army of #TED tweeters, hunched over their mobile devices, simultaneously listening and creating a written narrative of @Ev’s 8 minutes onstage. Chris Anderson and Evan talked about this in their Q&A: the idea that while a speaker is […]


Twitter Snapshot: Evan Williams speaks, and everyone Tweets

Posted By Tedstaff

By far the most Twitter activity TED2009 has seen happened when Evan Williams, creator of Twitter, took the stage. Here’s a look at the action: talking right now about Twitter, at TED. Ahh, I’m trapped in a self-referential cycle! — wilshipley “sometimes when i consider what tremendous consequences come from little things, i realize all […]