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TED Weekends: Gaming for lifeTED Weekends: Gaming for life

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

The old and tired stereotype: a 20-something man sits on the couch in his parent’s basement, his shirt untucked and chin unshaven, as he excitedly pounds the buttons on a video game controller rather than getting a job. The obvious truth: video game enthusiasts are men and women, of all ages, and the grand majority […]


9 great talks to watch for Video Games Day9 great talks to watch for Video Games Day

Posted By Nia Ashley

Gamers, unite! Today, July 8, is officially known as Video Games Day. Whether you lose hours to your Xbox or stay glued to your smart phone to play, today is dedicated to all those games that rile you up and drive you crazy. These days, the most riveting video games use motion sensors, animation and […]


Paola Antonelli on acquiring video games for MoMAPaola Antonelli on acquiring video games for MoMA

Posted By Helen Walters

Paola Antonelli is senior curator of architecture and design at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. But despite her nearly 20-year tenure at the museum, Antonelli remains resolutely disinterested in relying on the known or the obviously popular. She is always keen to challenge preconceptions of design’s role in everyday life, even as […]


The journey is its own reward: Fellows Friday with Kellee SantiagoThe journey is its own reward: Fellows Friday with Kellee Santiago

Posted By Karen Eng

In recent months, That Game Company’s downloadable PS3 game Journey has swept up an armload of awards — the Game Developers Choice Award for Game of the Year and BAFTA Video Game Award for Best Game Design, to name just two — not to mention a Grammy nomination for Best Original Soundtrack. Company co-founder and TED Fellow […]


Finding the meaning in video games: Yes, they have value beyond entertainment and self-improvementFinding the meaning in video games: Yes, they have value beyond entertainment and self-improvement

Posted By TED Guest Author

By Andy Robertson New art forms are polarizing. We love or hate Damien Hirst’s formaldehyde animals or Tracey Emin’s unmade bed but roundly understand that avant garde art has value, the artist trying to challenge us and make us think something. Video games draw similar fire. Detractors hem and haw that they’re all about shooting […]


7 talks on the benefits of gaming7 talks on the benefits of gaming

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

This weekend, hundreds of video games enthusiasts lined up in the cold, waiting 12 hours-plus to be the first to get their hands on Nintendo’s new console, the Wii U. And when the game Call of Duty: Black Ops was released in 2010, gamers around the world played it for more than 600 million hours in […]


10 online games … with a social purpose10 online games … with a social purpose

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

Game designer Jane McGonigal firmly believes that video games are not just about mashing buttons and getting to the next level. In fact, during her talk at TEDGlobal 2012, McGonigal gave several surprising statistics: that online gaming can be more effective than pharmaceuticals in treating clinical depression and that just 30 minutes a day is […]