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10 animals who’ve ruled the internet10 animals who’ve ruled the internet

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

“I make noises for a living, and on a good day it’s music,” says Peter Gabriel in today’s talk. “I work with a lot of musicians from around the world. Often, we don’t have any common language at all. But we sit behind our instruments and suddenly there’s a way to connect and emote.” This […]


Vint Cerf: Actually, the Internet’s going to be just fineVint Cerf: Actually, the Internet’s going to be just fine

Posted By June Cohen

One of the greatest privileges of co-curating TED isn’t just getting to work with incredible speakers, but also talking with those in the audience. Danny Hillis gave a sobering presentation, “The Internet could crash. We need a Plan B,” at TED2013, detailing his concern at the exponential growth of the Internet, and the need for […]


Secret Voices: Speakers in Session 10 at TED2013Secret Voices: Speakers in Session 10 at TED2013

Posted By Becky Chung

Shhh … it’s time for Secret Voices, the 10th session of TED2013. Get ready to hear stories of the forgotten, marginalized, stigmatized and hidden. Our first speaker will make quite an entrance while the last will give a stirring finish, in spoken word. In between, thoughts on interspecies communication. Here, the speakers who appeared in […]