Twitter Snapshot: Manuel Lima's new way to see networks and data

Interaction designer Manuel Lima was a last minute addition to the TEDGlobal program, but he made an impact by showcasing his new method for displaying data and networks. Needless to say, the crowd and the Twitterverse was engaged and enthralled:

listening to manuel lima and hearing about data vis that is actually useful and not just something marketing people likeclemo

People are using Flickr to plot the most popular tourist pathways in cities. Derivative and hidden data is amazing and a bit scary. — liaonet

noticing that my favourite #ted talk seems to be ‘whatever talk I’m watching right now’ – Manuel Lima’s *definitely* my fave thoiamhelenharrop

Check out visualcomplexity.com amazing way to see networksliaonet

“[Data visualization] is becoming the syntax of a new language.” <-- Right on. [yep!] — brainpicker

Manuel Lima is one of the many TEDGlobal speakers you can follow on Twitter.