TED introduces 10 new podcasts on iTunes

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If we could recommend one superb TEDTalk about music a week, what would it be? What about business? Technology?

Here at we are always looking for new and better ways to bring together the voices of TED speakers and TED viewers. This week we are launching themed iTunes podcasts, to bring more topics of interest directly to you. Along with receiving your daily TEDTalk, subscribing to one of our specially curated podcast channels means you will receive a weekly talk recommended by the TED team in the category (or categories!) of your choice: Art, Business, Education, Health, Kids + Family, Music, News + Politics, Science + Medicine, Society + Culture and Technology. When you subscribe this week, you’ll start with 10 TEDTalks we think you’ll like.

Any other themes you’d like to see? Want more than one talk a week? Feeling love in our general direction? Leave us a comment below or write to

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