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18 ideas shaping 2012: Add your voice

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You and other change agents have been commenting in full force in response to TED and The Huffington Post’s year-end collaboration to bring you 18 ideas that will shape 2012.

The ideas are in, and the conversation is hot. Since last Thursday’s launch viewers have been sharing ideas of every variety, from the practical repercussions of Sebastian Thrun’s driverless car from Google to how Deb Roy might expand his project on the birth of the word to study deaf children.

In response to Kathryn Schulz on why we should embrace, rather than reject, regret, stephCarlisi writes, “Kathryn’s talk took me on a journey through every layer of emotion involved in the stages of regret, landing me on the quite refreshing stage of: resolve. I hope this sticks with me–at least throughout the day.” Another commenter asks how shame might complicate our desire to live with our regrets, and Y Woodman Brown adds a personal touch, saying that we might also look for the so-called silver lining in our mistakes: “Without my mistake, I wouldn’t have my two wonderful daughters.”

On Naomi Klein’s talk on our addiction to risk, Raymond Fernandez comments: “We need to start here with our narratives and see them for what they are–justifications for horrible choices–and shift them to an honest and harsh light of reality. If we cannot handle this, then we do not deserve the heritage that this planet should be for all of humanity.”

If you haven’t yet seen the engaging conversations occupying our friends over on The Huffington Post, head over and get involved. This platform allows you to engage in rigorous debate, share your personal experiences with other users and offer constructive criticism for the future of these ideas.

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