8 tips for speakers from a TED photographer

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Via boingboing: James Duncan Davidson was one of our shooters at TED2009 (along with Asa Mathat — an amazing team). As a photographer and conferencegoer, Duncan has watched a lifetime’s worth of speakers, the good and the bad, the pro and the amateur, the calm and the completely freaked out. His takeaway: “There are things that speakers do that feel good to them, but which are not actually great for the audience.” He offers 8 pieces of presentation advice — meaning presentation of yourself, not of your PowerPoint slides — in this roundup: Dear Speakers. From the essay:

Please deliver your speech to the crowd, not the screen.
Your slides aren’t the recipient of your presentation. Your audience is. Face them. Address them.

Please take off your name tag. This is self-explanatory enough.

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