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9 talks on the wonderful world of water

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From the driest deserts to the deepest seas, the flow of water shapes our world. Cool off from the summer heat with these nine talks that explore our intimate relationship with water.

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Romulus Whitaker: The real danger lurking in the water
Romulus Whitaker shares his fascination with the remarkable reptiles that populate the rivers of India, and tells us why we should insist on cleaner water for them and for us.

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Michael Pritchard: How to make filthy water drinkable
Most people wouldn’t drink water scooped from a tank of pond scum and sewage — but Michael Pritchard does, because his portable Lifesaver filter can turn even the dirtiest water drinkable.

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Roz Savage: Why I’m rowing across the Pacific
Roz Savage rows her boat gently across … the Pacific Ocean. In this inspiring talk, she tells how one woman can take on the vast forces of nature.

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Damian Palin: Mining minerals from seawater
When we desalinate seawater for drinking, what do we leave behind? That salty brine is full of useful minerals, says Damian Palin, and we can use them to create a mining industry that’s in harmony with the Earth.

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Anupam Mishra: The ancient ingenuity of water harvesting
Newer methods aren’t always better methods. Anupam Mishra reveals how the people of India’s Golden Desert have been harvesting water for centuries, expertly conserving every drop.

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Reviving New York’s rivers — with oysters!
Kate Orff introduces the heroic little oyster, an unlikely way to repair the ecosystem of New York’s canals and harbors. She encourages us to rethink the spaces around us and to get excited for ‘flupsification.’

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Lewis Pugh swims the North Pole
Swimming through arctic waters that once were impassable sea ice, Lewis Pugh weathers extreme conditions to make himself heard. Combining environmental awareness and astonishing athleticism, he leaves no doubt that climate change is rapid and real.

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Sonaar Luthra: Meet the Water Canary
Inspired by the simple utility of the coalmine canary, Sonaar Luthra has designed a device to test and map sources of clean drinking water. With his Water Canary, he shows us how to stop a cholera outbreak before it begins.

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Rob Harmon: How the market can keep streams flowing
Outdated laws in many U.S. states create a disincentive for farmers to conserve water, and Rob Harmon thinks it’s time for a change. Bringing brewing companies together with the local farmers, he shifts the current of a broken system and puts the water back in the streams.