A look at the TED staff … and their moustaches

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The TED staff was inspired by Adam Garone of the Movember movement to spend this month raising money for men’s health. And so, if you walk into our office at the moment, you will see many a moustache. Twenty of our staff members are growing moustaches, while five Mo Sisters have signed up to support them in their fundraising. So far, the group has collected $4,700 through a bake sale and office raffle.

But you want to see the ‘staches, right? After the jump, the three leading fundraisers share photos and their favorite moustache moment of the month so far.

“I’m not sure about a favorite moment per se, but every time I see someone else with a moustache, I feel like there’s this hidden, yet acknowledged, connection between us. Like, if a fight broke out, we’d automatically team up against everyone else and take down all of our hairless opponents. Maybe this is why revolutionaries always have moustaches.” —Alex Rudloff, Chief Digital Strategist for TEDx

“My best moustache moment will be … probably five minutes after I shave it off. Unless, of course, I’m mistaken for Freddie Mercury or Magnum P.I. In that case, my favorite mustachioed moment will be when I was mistaken for Freddie Mercury or Magnum P.I.” —Bedrihan Cinar, TED-Ed Web Specialist

“Eclipsing Bedirhan for third place on TED’s team leaderboard has been my best moment. The grail? Throwing Alex Rudloff off the board entirely. Charity is grand because it allows my fiercely competitive, lioness-like nature to be used for the greater good. Also, I’ve loved noshing everyone’s bake sale treats.” —Emilie Soffe, Office Coordinator

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