A playlist of TED Talks, created by Björk

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Bjork's favorite TED Talks

TED Playlists are designed to give you deep dive into the topics that fascinate you— like “Re-imagining school,” “The future of medicine,” and “How to live with robots.” To celebrate our billionth video view earlier this month, we also asked some incredible personalities in the areas of technology, entertainment and design — from Bill Gates to Daryl Hannah — to curate lists of their favorite TED Talks for the section. Today we offer up a brand new playlist, created by Björk.

The Icelandic songstress has, over the years, starred in a musical that turned a factory into a space for song and created an “app album” to give deeper resonance to her compositions about nature and science. So we’re not too surprised that her favorite TED Talks have a delightfully quirky edge to them. Head to TED Playlists to hear her favorite talks, from a mushroom burial suit to a choir composed of 2,000 people » 

Oh, and the photo that accompanies her list? It’s a still from her video for “Mutual Core.”