A TED series takes a look at the link between your money and your mind

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Have you ever painstakingly crafted a budget only to wildly overspend on your next outing? Or bought something that you instantly regretted but couldn’t return? Managing your money can get complicated — but it doesn’t have to be.

In TED’s video series Your Money and Your Mind with Wendy De La Rosa, behavioral economist Wendy De La Rosa explains why we spend too much and save too little (even when we know better) — and shares easy steps and practical tips to help you achieve a more secure financial future.

In eight brief, informative episodes, De La Rosa explores the tricky relationship between human behavior and money. Considering the psychological, emotional, cultural and social factors that influence money decisions, she walks you through how to gain control over your finances, so you can gain peace of mind.

De La Rosa sheds light on the purchases we often end up regretting and explains why traditional budgets don’t work for most people. She offers a guide on how to talk about money with your partner, 4 steps to pay off your credit card debt faster, 3 ways to evade the sneaky (borderline predatory) practices of websites and a 2-step plan on saving more money.


What purchases do we often regret? And why do we keep buying them?


Here’s why (and how) you should talk to your partner about money:


It’s not you, it’s your budget. Do this instead:


4 ways to get out from under your credit card debit:


Are you saving? Good. Here’s how to save more:


Websites are sneaky. Be sneakier:


Keeping up with the Joneses might actually be good for your wallet:


Take a financial health day and complete these 10 easy steps: