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Win a pass to TED2009 in Dave Eggers' Once Upon a School challenge

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eggers_talking.pngDave Eggers, winner of the 2008 TED Prize, wished to collect 1,000 stories of private citizens engaged in their area public schools. He called upon every adult to bring their time, skill, and energy to bear on the lives of students. In collaboration with teachers and schools around the world, people are making his wish a reality.

Since TED, a number of inspired, creative, innovative public school partnerships are now in the works: TEDsters are sponsoring books at local 826 chapters, starting programs in schools, creating websites; a number of people have committed to building their own 826-like tutoring centers. These are partnerships that embody the spirit of the TED Prize: we want to support them and help spur more.

Join this group. Challenge yourself to participate in the lives of public school students. Be imaginative, dedicated, and enthusiastic. Then tell us about your work.

The leader or initiator of the three projects that best encapsulate the TED Prize spirit — vision, commitment, fun, partnership, and change — will each receive a pass to TED2009 in Long Beach, California.

Find more information and to commit to taking part in the challenge, visit OnceUponaSchool.org.

We look forward to hearing your story.