A poetry reading, inspired in part by TED

This Thursday in New York City, poet Amira Thoron will read from her beautiful manuscript, “Elegy for a House.” An excerpt:

Water seeks its own level;
there is a leak we cannot find.
All summer we watched a horizontal crack
crawl along the bathroom wall,
the light blue paint bubble and pock.
I dream of this house again and again

What’s the link with TED? Well, Amira attended our TED salons in New York this fall. Here’s what she told us, via email: “I got inspired to do this reading because of going to those two TED events, and I am back to writing again, as well. Those events woke me up and inspired me! It was the way each of the presenters expressed themselves in their own unique way that made my own voice wake up inside me, and not only remember itself, but declare, ‘Oh yes, I do that too!’ So thank you so much for your part in this!”

I’ve heard Amira read before from this work, which charts architectural and emotional landscapes with a poet’s pen. It’s an inspiration in its own right. The reading will be held at the Alicia Mugetti store in Manhattan: 675 Madison Ave (b/w 61st & 62nd) 2nd Floor. Thursday Feb. 15th at 7 PM.

And if you’re in need of a creative jolt yourself (but can’t make it to the reading), two of the talks from those salons — performance poet Rives and author Steven Johnson — are already online (with more to come).