Adopt a line of Miro player code

We love the free, open-source Miro player. If you do too, consider supporting the player by adopting a line of Miro code. Visit the Miro Adoption Center to make a small donation and support the team’s constant efforts to improve this player.

TED.com was a premier partner for Miro when it launched in January 2008. We recommend the Miro player for viewing TEDTalks in many uses:

+ for educators (Miro offers smooth and dependable download and playback in the classroom)
+ for use over slower connections
+ for computers whose built-in players don’t support the MP4 format
+ for users who want to queue up a playlist

And of course, the Miro player offers thousands of other videos and many more podcast channels, including HD and torrent feeds. If you haven’t tried it yet, consider downloading Miro 2.0 for Windows, Mac or Ubuntu, and check it out. Or get the Miro source code.