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All about the TEDWomen Letters project

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TEDWomen is a conference full of inspiring ideas, stories, visons — but what do we do with that energy and inspiration? A first step: Write a letter. If you’re watching the TEDWomen feed, watching live at a TEDx, following the news on Twitter and the TED Blog, and you feel a moment of deep inspiration to action — write 50 words or so to the speaker who made you fee that way. Let them know what their story means to you.

And if you’re inspired to, make a pledge. Are you inspired to join their cause? Let them know. Are you inspired by the speaker to do something new in your own life, your own community? Tell the speaker about your commitment.

Send your letters to:

and put the speaker’s name in the subject line. We’ll pass the letters on.

Let us know if your letter is okay to read and share; we’ll be selecting some letters to read from the stage of TEDWomen and shared here on the TED Blog.

Tip: If you’re using the TEDWomen iPad Guide, you can write your email right in the guide, and email it to yourself or to