“Am I Normal? with Mona Chalabi”: A TED series for the endlessly curious

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Am I Normal? with Mona Chalabi is a TED series and podcast made for endlessly curious people who question why things are the way they are. Join data journalist Mona Chalabi as she investigates the research behind tricky questions about life, society and ourselves — with the help of creative data visualizations.

Over eight episodes, Mona explores how to have lasting friendships, taboos that have changed throughout history, the societal pressures of fertility, the relationship between language and identity – and even if you should trust your local weather forecast.

How long does it take for the heart to mend itself after a breakup?

How can we make our friendships last without feeling overwhelmed?

How can we tell the difference between a marketing ploy and an actual statistic?

Here’s why it doesn’t always pay off to focus on the average.

Why are the pressures of fertility so one-sided?

Language matters when it comes to collecting data — here’s why.

Should you trust the weather forecast?

What does history have to say about some of today’s taboos?