Amazing event lineup for TEDxYouthDay, November 20

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TEDxYouthDay is a series of TEDx events happening all around the world on November 20 — Universal Children’s Day. The events are designed to empower and inspire youth and kids. 

TEDx organizers across the globe will host events for (and by) young people.

These events will vary widely in size, format and theme, but they will share a common vision: inspiring curiosity, igniting new ideas and empowering young leaders.
Some highlights from the 60 (with all continents represented) TEDx events happening on TEDxYouthDay:

TEDxYouth@NASA, who gave seats away for their event to area school districts to give to nominated student delegates, will include speakers from NASA including Jon Viet Nguyen, lead archtect for NASA’s “Eyes on the Solar System” software, and Lesa Roe, director of the country’s first civilian aeronautical research lab.

TEDxYouth@TheSchool will be hosting speaker Stacey Murphy, founder of BK Farmyards, a nonprofit that turns private property into urban farms.  

One of TEDxYouth@Toronto‘s speakers is Rob Dyer, who founded Skate4Cancer, and skated across the United States and Canada to raise awareness for cancer, after finding out his mom was diagnosed with the disease.

Kelly Stoetzel and Rives, hosts of TEDActive, will be hosting TEDxYouth@Castilleja, and speakers at the event include Twitter VP Kelly Stanton and Charles Huang, co-founder of Guitar Hero.

At TEDxYouth@Metroplex, speakers are 8th- to 12th-grade students from three local ISAS schools in the community of Arlington, Texas.

Musician Blaise will be performing a song she wrote about bullying at TEDxYouth@Hewitt.

Talks from these TEDxYouthDay events will be posted to the TEDxYouth YouTube channel. There, you can also find creative promo videos from TEDxYouth@Brissie and TEDxYouth@Aveiro.

Visit the TEDxYouthDay site and TED.com to see a complete list of TEDxYouthDay events.

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