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Amazing TEDx trailers from around the world

This week at TEDSummit, we’re celebrating the creative forces flowing from TEDx events around the world. Check out these stunning video trailers, all of them custom-made for local TEDx events, that capture the regional style, the creativity and craft, the local visions … that represent the imagination of the global TEDx community.

“End-beginning,” from TEDxThessaloniki

“Taxi drivers,” from TEDxBuenosAires

“Thinker,” from TEDxAthens

“First Taste,” from TEDxSydney

“Balance,” from TEDxKoeln

“Mogadishu,” from TEDxMogadishu

“Kids,” from TEDxKids@Chiyoda

“The power of X,” from the 2013 TEDxSummit

“Brain,” from TEDxAmsterdam

“Cidade,” from TEDxJardimdasPalmeiras

“Bike,” from TEDxDiliman

“Flash opera,” from TEDxRioDeLaPlata