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Amazing TEDx trailers from around the world

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This week at TEDSummit, we’re celebrating the creative forces flowing from TEDx events around the world. Check out these stunning video trailers, all of them custom-made for local TEDx events, that capture the regional style, the creativity and craft, the local visions … that represent the imagination of the global TEDx community.

“End-beginning,” from TEDxThessaloniki

“Taxi drivers,” from TEDxBuenosAires

“Thinker,” from TEDxAthens

“First Taste,” from TEDxSydney

“Balance,” from TEDxKoeln

“Mogadishu,” from TEDxMogadishu

“Kids,” from TEDxKids@Chiyoda

“The power of X,” from the 2013 TEDxSummit

“Brain,” from TEDxAmsterdam

“Cidade,” from TEDxJardimdasPalmeiras

“Bike,” from TEDxDiliman

“Flash opera,” from TEDxRioDeLaPlata