AMD and One Laptop per Child

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Devlen.JPGGuest blogger Devlen Watkins handles IT for the Aspen Institute, but when he’s not running around solving technical problems during TED@Aspen, he’s been down at the AMD 50×15 / One Laptop per Child table, playing with the XO Laptop. He writes:

OLPC, or as most of you know it One Laptop per Child, has really taken the ball and run with it in the construction and programming. One of the greatest features this machine offers is the ability for children to learn to program in Python. Learning this programming language is not very easy, but I guess they believe that as, with most languages, if taught young it’s easier to grasp.

Along with the ability to learn such a great program, these machines come with a built-in webcam for video chat, and several instrumental applications that allow children to play and compose music. OLPC has really thought of the children when they developed this wonderful device. Where else can you purchase a laptop for $200 that will not only allow you to connect to the Internet but teach your child at the same time?

Now time to play some more …