Amory Lovins' think tank spins off a new car company

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Via Green Light: The Rocky Mountain Institute, whose chair and chief scientist is TEDTalks star Amory Lovins, this month spun off a car company, Bright Automotive, that’s focused on making street-legal all-electric cars.

From the story on Green Light:

Bright Automotive wants to make plug-in hybrids. The cars will go about 30 miles on a charge and 400 miles or so in all with the help from the gas generator. Overall, the cars will get 100 miles an gallon.

The cars will be street and freeway legal. Right now, most of the electric and plug-in cars produced (from companies like Zenn Motors and Miles Automotive) are “limited range, limited speed” vehicles, i.e., they have governors on them that prevent them going faster than 25 or 35 miles per hour.

The Bright Automotive homepage has more details on the team and the vehicles, while the Rocky Mountain Institute homepage has a video interview with Bright CEO John Waters from CNBC.