An update on TED's Big Re-Upload

For the past three weeks, TED’s video team has been working on a giant project — to re-encode and re-upload all our TEDTalks video, replace the old (loud) opening titles and fix some bugs. As the project moves along, the team has found a few other things they want to fix, so we’re anticipating it’ll take a few more weeks to get it done the way we want it to be done.

I’ve heard several reports of RSS troubles during this time, especially for people using Google Reader, which picks up on every change to a video asset. I apologize for the duplicate RSS listings that some of you are seeing — and hope that, among the multiple hits, there’s a TEDTalk you always meant to watch that might become a new favorite. If the duplicates are bugging you, consider switching to the TED Blog feed for the duration — all the new talks are announced here as well. Or follow us on Twitter.

Thanks to everyone who has reported a video bug, and thanks also to those volunteers who are waiting for video viewing assignments — we’ll be releasing a new batch today. Use our form to report a problem with TED video.