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…and that’s why I came to this conference: Reggie Watts at TED2012

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Photo: James Duncan Davidson

There are no words to describe Reggie Watts.  His words appear to make sense, particularly on their own: “Fear is all around us. We also have anti-fear. It’s hard to measure.” Or, “but it is in our best self interest to understand the typography of our lives.”

It’s not just because the phrases he uses make no sense —

Photo: James Duncan Davidson

He mixes together almost-sense phrases with looped beatboxing, and bits of song to create an experience that is hilarious and profound — yet we have no idea quite what’s funny, or quite why we’re moved by it.

Photo: Ryan Lash

But it was hilarious, and felt like an unrepeatable experience, and the audience rose to a near unanimous standing ovation.

I’ll close this writeup (for which it feels respectful to suddenly mention myself out of nowhere, unlike the norm for TED Blog roundups) with this comment of Watts’, from the middle of the performance:

“A few years ago I met some people at the Brookings institution, and I came to the conclusion….”