Announcing AI-adapted multilingual TED Talks, unblocking language barriers

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Imagine the world’s most captivating TED Talks at your fingertips, voiced in your own language.

At TED, we believe that ideas are universal and that they should be accessible to everyone. Yet language barriers often hinder access to our talks, many of which are delivered in English. To tackle this issue head-on, we’re expanding our multilingual initiatives, building on the success of TED’s subtitling program by combining human and artificial intelligence. This approach aims to enhance inclusivity and enrich the experiences for TED’s diverse global audiences.

Launching TED’s pilot program

By integrating generative AI, including voice-cloning and lip-syncing capabilities, in collaboration with and TED’s global Translators community, we’ve created the first AI-adapted TED Talks, delivered in multiple languages while preserving each speaker’s unique voice and style. Unlike traditional dubbing methods, which can feel awkward and clunky, TED’s AI adaptation prioritizes a seamless viewing experience. This marks a new era in multilingual content delivery.

Speakers’ voices adapted to multiple languages

A key aspect of this initiative is prioritizing the individuality of our diverse speakers’ voices. To achieve this, we worked closely with each speaker to obtain their consent and ensure that their message is faithfully conveyed in multiple languages, allowing their talks to resonate with audiences worldwide. The pilot launches in Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Italian and Spanish with plans to expand to more languages soon.

Environmental awareness

Mindful of the environmental impact, we prioritize sustainability while minimizing our ecological footprint. Unlike real-time AI products, our approach focuses on one-time AI adaptation, reducing our environmental impact while delivering an innovative solution.

Join us in experiencing a new way of unlocking knowledge across languages and cultures. Watch the world’s first AI-adapted multilingual TED Talks, and share them with your friends around the world!

Watch TED’s first AI-adapted multilingual TED Talks and share them with others!

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