Announcing the finalists in TED’s Full Spectrum auditions

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Last month we announced our first-ever TED auditions, to explore the theme of TED2012: Full Spectrum. The challenge to the TED community: Make a one-minute video that describes your idea worth sharing — and how you’d share it with the world.

We received hundreds of submissions from around the world in our short timeframe, and narrowed our finalists down to a group of 17, with a wide range of formats and styles. Watching through these hundreds of one-minute videos was intriguing, hilarious, occasionally very moving. Most of all, it was inspiring to see how many people are thinking deeply about great ideas and how to share them.

It’s thrilling to announce the list of 17 Full Spectrum audition finalists. They’ll be presenting their auditions on May 24 in New York City, and we’ll be livestreaming the event worldwide. Congratulations to these finalists:

Chris Plough
Virgil Wong
Jess Hobbs
Dr. Jane Rigby and Dr. Amber Straughn
Cesar Kuriyama
James McBennett
Reggie Watts
Kevin Carroll
Joe Sabia
Onyx Ashanti
Eric Singer
LeeAnn Renninger & Tania Luna
Jared Ficklin
Erik Wahl
Lior Zoref
Beth Urech
Joshua Walters

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