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Apply to be a 2014 TEDGlobal Fellow

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TEDFellows Retreat 2013. August 17 - 21, 2013, Whistler, BC. Photo: Ryan LashLast week on, origami-folding techniques transformed a 50-cent piece of paper into a fully functioning microscope, human DNA came tumbling out of a vending machine, and we got a look at how an industry is growing to help governments conduct surveillance on citizens. These fascinating talks have something neat in common: The speakers are all TED Fellows.

TED Fellows are an impressive bunch — a global network of 300+ trailblazers working as scientists and social advocates, artists and entrepreneurs all around the world. Each year, the TED Fellows program invites two new classes of 20 people to join this vibrant community. The program has just opened applications for TEDGlobal 2014 Fellows, and is looking for 20 extraordinary thinkers and doers to join the fold. Because of the location and the theme, this year, the program is looking to especially attract applicants from Mexico, Spanish-speaking Central and South America, and Brazil. Outreach information is available in Spanish, Portuguese, and English.

The new class of Fellows will attend TEDGlobal 2014, “South!” in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,  October 6-10, 2014. As some of the newest, brightest minds in the TED community, they’ll occupy a unique space within the TED ecosystem. During the conference, they’ll participate like any other attendee, while also being part of a highly collaborative family of their own, where they can cross-pollinate ideas and experiences. For several days before the conference, TED Fellows attend a special pre-conference designed to inspire and empower. There, they get critical training on how to make their voices heard both inside and outside their fields. They’ll be coached and guided through the finer points of presentations to create maximum impact for their ideas, and will get a chance to give a talk during two sessions of TED Fellows talks.

The TED Fellowship is about action — taking a global group of early-career superstars and helping to set them in motion through mentorship and community. The best candidates are those who’ve accomplished great things already and have the potential for much, much more — and who have character as strong as their professional talents.

Think you’re a match? Apply to be a TEDGlobal 2014 Fellow. Applications open today and will close on April 18.