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Apply for a Fellowship to TEDGlobal 2009


Applications for Fellowships at this summer’s TEDGlobal 2009 in Oxford are open!

TED is excited to build a class of Fellows to participate in the TEDGlobal Conference this summer in Oxford, UK, July 21-24, 2009. We are looking for an eclectic group of 25 innovators from around the world.

Who should apply: Young thinkers and doers who have the potential to change the world — from the fields of technology, entertainment, design, the sciences, engineering, humanities, the arts, economics, business, journalism, entrepreneurship and NGOs. We value achievement over credentials — making and doing over merely talking. Learn more about this past spring’s class of TED2009 Fellows.

TED Fellows may apply themselves or be nominated by another person. Please follow this link to apply. To nominate a candidate, email We will accept applications for fellowships through April 3, 2009.

For more information on the TED Fellows program, please visit the TED Fellows site — and hear from this past spring’s class of TED Fellows on the lively TED Fellows Blog.

TED2009 Fellow Phil Niles wrote this unofficial “FAQ for TED Fellows Applicants” >>