A life-changing presentation

AlGorePointing-240x180.jpgHere is Jack Oswald’s story of Al Gore’s impact:

Prior to seeing Al Gore’s Climate Crisis presentation, I had always thought that he was a good person. He had always appeared bright, capable and well-meaning. On the night of the presentation, Al Gore was “on fire.” His true personality really came through, and I was truly wowed by the man and his passion for the issue he has been educating us all on. In addition, prior to his talk I had been peripherally aware of global warming and the looming climate crisis. However, I had had no idea how large a problem it was nor how immediate. I left that evening feeling a combination of scared yet moved.

The ultimate impact of that night is that shortly afterward I decided to make a major shift in my career. Until then I had been a high-tech entrepreneur, having worked on many different technologies from PC software to digital media and consumer electronics. For the past 18 months I have now shifted my focus completely toward clean energy endeavors that range from consumer conservation and efficiency to some breakthrough new sources of bio-fuel. In short, Al Gore’s talk changed my life in a dramatically positive way. His talk helped me focus my energy on combining all of the things I have wanted to do in my work: Combine exciting technologies, business building and doing something meaningful and socially beneficial. — Jack Oswald