"Ashes and Snow": In L.A. and online

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CheetahAt TED2006, photographer Gregory Colbert gave a rare public appearance, showing 10 minutes of his astounding film and also announcing a controversial new initiative, the Animal Copyright Foundation, which aims to collect royalties from companies using images of nature in their advertising.

Colbert’s work envisions a world in which humans live in exquisite harmony with the rest of the animal kingdom. His films are lyrical and hypnotic; his photographs mesmerizing, his exhibit in a class by itself. So if you were moved by his brief presentation at TED, you must see “Ashes and Snow” live, while you can. The immersive exhibit — combining outsized photographs, film and music — travels the world in the Nomadic Museum, and will remain at Los Angeles’ Santa Monica Pier through May 14. It is unmissable. But if you just can’t see it live, the web site (newly updated with a captivating selection of images and music) plays a pretty good second fiddle …