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Assignment Compassion: Join Adrian Grenier to tell your story on video

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Has an act of compassion changed your life? Share your story — and join the Charter for Compassion in a brand-new video initiative: Assignment Compassion.

In the video above, actor Adrian Grenier gives the first assignment: Share a moment of compassion that changed your life.

Record your video response to Adrian’s assignment and share it on our Facebook wall. You can share the assignment with friends and family too.

And head over to the Charter for Compassion website to join the tens of thousands who’ve read and “affirmed” the Charter, a document with a simple idea: restoring the Golden Rule — to treat others as you would like to be treated yourself — to the center of world discourse. Adrian and 85,000 others have affirmed the Charter for Compassion and pledge to use it to make a better world. You can too! Learn to recognize compassion — and practice it every day in every way you can.