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Director of Research and Development

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I'm a product designer for the curious minded. And I'm lucky, because every day at TED I get work with some of the sharpest minds I've ever known. We work hard to produce engaging products and features for our growing community of inquisitive souls.

Stories by Aaron Weyenberg:

An updated design for TED Talks


An updated design for TED Talks


It’s been a few years since the TED Talks video page was last updated, but a new design begins rolling out this week. The update aims to provide a more straightforward viewing experience for mobile devices, improve performance, and surface more ideas we think you’ll like.


5 unconventional maps to get lost in


From the earliest days of human exploration we’ve made progressively more accurate and sophisticated maps. Maps help us find our way around the world we live in. Maps help us get to our destination. Maps keep us from becoming lost. But what if you have no destination? What if becoming lost is the point? Well, []