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Basic needs: A sneak peek of session 9 at TEDGlobal 2014

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9-BasicNeeds-mainIn the grand scheme of things, food and water can go a long way. In this session we get back to basics, with talks about what’s in our food, how we grow it, and how we, err, dispose of it.

The speakers who’ll appear in this session:

Sipho Moyo wants to catalyze investment in and policies towards agricultural growth in Africa.

Brazilian chef Teresa Corção founded the Maniva Institute to reinvigorate her country’s connection with its food heritage—starting with manioc.

After learning her daughter’s mysterious and debilitating illness was related to food allergies, Isabel Hoffmann started developing technology that reveals exactly what’s in our food.

A young classical pianist, Juliana D’Agostini is known for technical virtuosity and a fresh, engaging style.

Drawing inspiration from frugal innovators in emerging markets, Navi Radjou helps businesses with limited resources discover unexpected ways to succeed.

Joe Madiath brings Indian villagers together around water and sanitation projects.

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And below, check out the introduction video for this session.

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