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Beautiful Imperfection: Speakers in Session 2 of TED2013

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Session2_BeautifulImperfectionMoving images and hidden systems — Session 2 moved into the world of the unexplored. Listen for an exploration into the secrets of cities, find out how the elusive giant squid was caught on film and hear a case for the virtue of ignorance.

The speakers who appeared this session. Click their name to read a recap of their talk:

Photographer Sebastião Salgado captures the dignity of the dispossessed through large-scale, years-long projects.

Longtime TED favorite Edith Widder, an expert on marine luminosity and underwater cameras, will talk about the hunt for the giant squid.

Camille Seaman photographs big ice and big clouds, giving them personality.

Stuart Firestein teaches students and “citizen scientists” that ignorance is far more important to discovery than knowledge.

Saskia Sassen is the world’s go-to theorist on our complex and vibrant cities.

Beardyman, “ruler of beats and destroyer of dance floors,” is developing a real-time music-production system that places live looping at the center of a new musical paradigm.

Taking a cue from his own artistic journey, Phil Hansen challenges us to spark our creativity by thinking inside the box.