Behind the scenes of McMafia: Exclusive video Q&A with Misha Glenny

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In an incisive talk at TEDGlobal 2009 in Oxford, investigative journalist Misha Glenny (author of McMafia) described the global shadow economy and crime networks in minute details. After his talk, several attendees asked TED European director Bruno Giussani to invite Misha back to discuss not only the results of his investigations and research, but also his methods (“How does he get these people — criminals — to talk to him?”). Misha, who’s currently working on a new book about cybercrime, obliged on September 21, 2009, during a TED Salon in London, sitting down with Bruno in front of 150 TEDsters to discuss very openly, and with genuine humour, his research methods, the encounters with his sources, and some behind-the-scenes episodes. Here it is.