Beyond the Top 10 TEDTalks: user favorites

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Last week, TEDTalks celebrated our 50 millionth view by counting down the Top 10 TEDTalks of all time (so far) — and inviting people to share their own favorites. Here are a few:

My favorite is still Susan Savage-Rumbaugh and those bonobo apes.
— S.F., Boynton Beach, Florida

Stamets (mushrooms), Isabel Allende (passion), Dave Eggers (schools), and Ballard (ocean) — not to be missed.
— Marian Angele

Majora Carter’s talk on her environmental work in the Bronx.
— lydia chadwick

Majora Carter‘s is my absolute favorite!
— Ariel, a TED fan

I am dropping a line to say how much I enjoyed Aubrey de Grey’s speech on aging.
— Diana Pasley

I think Malcom Gladwell is that hidden gem.
— +Jono

I nominate Theo Jansen’s talk on creating new creatures as one of the “Hidden Gems.”
— Paul

If your own favorite TEDTalks aren’t on the Top 10 list yet — or you’d like to share your own hidden gems — write to us at contact@ted.com or post a comment.