Bill and TED’s Excellent Initiative? A great suggestion from Stephen Colbert

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Clinton-on-ColbertThe description of last night’s episode of The Colbert Report reads: “At the Clinton Global Initiative University Meeting, President Bill Clinton discusses foreign aid, poverty, TED Talks, Twitter and the Colbert Galactic Initiative.”

Bill Clinton: My wish: Rebuilding Rwanda Bill Clinton: My wish: Rebuilding Rwanda So how did TED enter the conversation? Colbert suggested that Clinton, who accepted the TED Prize in 2007 with the talk “On rebuilding Rwanda,” team up with us for “Bill and TED’s Excellent Initiative.”

The moment came right after Colbert asked Clinton why he helps people.

“It’s totally selfish,” Clinton admitted. “I do it because I’m good at it and I’m not good enough to play golf on the senior tour, and I don’t play my saxophone as much as I used to … I [help people] because, I think after the life I’ve been given by the American people, I’d be kind of a slug if I didn’t do it.”

“Have you done TED Talks?” Colbert asked, trying to figure out the difference between TED, the Clinton Global Initiative and Burning Man.

“I have, and I like them,” Clinton said.

“Have you ever thought of having the Clinton Global Initiative and TED Talks team up to make Bill and Ted’s Excellent Initiative?” asked Colbert, to big applause.

“That’s a wonderful idea,” replied Clinton.

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And another TED-related Comedy Central bonus from yesterday’s The Daily Show: Kees Moeliker was a guest in a segment about pubic lice. Last week, we posted his talk “How a dead duck changed my life.”