Bloggers at TED2007

The original version of this post contained links to a few bloggers that were at TED2007 and were likely to blog part or all of the conference. I’ve updated the list, post-conference, on March 16, adding more bloggers and links to some press coverage.


Bruno Giussani – LunchOverIP and HuffingtonPost
Chris Suellentrop – Wired blog
Esther Dyson – HuffingtonPost
Ethan Zuckerman – My Heart’s in Accra
Kate Trgovac – MynameisKate
Jack Myers – MediaVillage
Jordan Ayan – Marketing with Technology
Loic Le Meur – LoicLeMeurBlog
Lorna Herf – Lornamatic
Michael Cerda – Cerdafied
Renee Blodgett – DownTheAvenue
Sam Perry – Conferenza
Scott Mattoon – What Happens Downstream?
Steve Gundrum – Noteworthy
Steve Jurvetson – SJ’s Flickr page
Tom Guarriello – True Talk Blog
and the Vox TED gallery


BusinessWeek: The talk of TED
BusinessWeek: Forget Davos, I’m booked up for TED
San Francisco Chronicle: TED Conference open for new ideas
San Francisco Chronicle: Breaking down TED, from a sword to a soiree
The Economist: Davos for optimists
The New York Times: Award Honorees Describe How They Hope to Improve the World
The New York Times: Where artists and investors plot to save the world

If you’re hungry for more, see the TED2007 tag on Technorati or try a search on Google News.