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Bloggers: Help break James Nachtwey's story on Oct. 3

story_breaks.gifPhotographer James Nachtwey will be breaking a big story on October 3 — using his powerful photographs to share a vital story that the world needs to know about. You can be part of the breaking news by adding a badge to your site.

Let your readers know that — starting October 3 — these pictures will be shown on outdoor screens around the world and online. Seeing and sharing these pictures will truly make a difference in solving the crisis that James is photographing.

Visit James Nachtwey’s blogger tools page to get badges and embeddable video for your blog >>

Find out where to see the photographs on LED screens on all 7 continents >>

Embed this badge: Use this code to embed the badge above on your site:

(Thanks again to Steve and Marc at Sessionwise.)

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